We are pumped to announce the first of many #UPSIDESTARTUPS. Starting off with the renown, signed to Armada - Dave Winnel. Did we just build Dave a website? No. We built him a landing page. A machine that is going to give leads, bring conversions, create a mailing list and most importantly increase the artists fan base and music sales. 

Building an effective landing page is an art form. You need to focus on attention to detail and cool design however there is another dimension of analytics, search engine optimisation, long tail keywords and branding strategy involved. The perfect landing page should be easy to navigate but most importantly pick up that data and turn over those conversions. Reach is fantastic..but conversions are the difference between people at your show, people buying your music and ultimately the difference between hits and fans. The right landing page is like an engine that brings in new fans, creates your own PR leads, builds a mailing database and most importantly GETS CONVERSIONS. 

A functional landing page is bloody important and thats why we have decided to launch our UPSIDE START UP program. Don't pay thousands for a developer and don't spend hours trying to adjust some abstract template. We have tried and tested what works and put it together. We aren't just going to throw a generic template at you and leave. We will set it up, show you the analytics and most importantly teach you about the amazing opportunities that are arising in the digital age for indie artists. 

Hosting, domains, planning, creating, strategising. We got you covered...but we will also teach you on the way. 



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