Indie Alternative Rock band the naddiks

Are remixing and mastering many of their older tracks in preparation for a new release to be added to several new songs coming in 2017 through our affiliate record label Band Express ( Recently musicians like Matt Purcell and assisting in seo for the Yothu Yindi 25th Anniversary remix campaign )

The Naddiks later songs lean more toward a pop punk style, whereas earlier tunes were more in line with a proto grunge element roughly mixed with The Stooges, Rolling stones, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Vines.

Their focus being youth and youth issues such as cyber bullying and raising awareness of how much harm it is creating regardless of religion, race or creed.

Having supported several National Youth Week Expo's and played at the AIS Arena for the National Roller Derby's Grand Final, they have gone off road so to speak, reforming and writing new material.

Lead singer Joel Steenbergen is also launching a solo career in 2017.