The Match-maker

The Match-maker


The match-maker is an online service that combines the power of Twitter and niche targeting to connect the artist to their fans. Using software recommended by major agencies from across the world such as Forbes magazine and Yahoo, combined with SEO knowledge of keywords and targeting from our team we are able to connect you with your fans. 

How it works: 

This service is all about niche targeting. Tell us about your music, your influences and together we can create a Twitter list of role models in that same genre of music. From there we analyse data on the web, trending keywords and even build a metric system of follow to follow ratio to connect you with fans that are actually interested in your music. Our software uses the Klout analytic system, which means we locate users who are actively engaged and constantly posting! 

But I can just buy 5000 followers for $15.00? 

Yes, you can. Within minutes you can find any black-hat marketing service that offers 1-3000 followers for a low price....but they are either not real or not engaged. A common misconception about social media is 'numbers'. You can have 20,000 followers, however if they aren't actively engaged in your music and serving to benefit your brand and reach...then its pointless. This service is also all about connecting with fans on a personal level! We get you real fans, real people who are loving your music and most importantly people who will buy your music and come to your shows! 


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