Wilsonn has been locked away working on a mixtape called 'Idiocentric'. The mixtape is a long time coming and I am so glad to finally be able to hear it all! Wilsonn's last track to the mixtape 'Touched' has just been released to kick off Idiocentric. Wilsonn created this mixtape to express many things including the love of his life, being thankful, and many other things by adding his lyrics to works made by his favorite artists and influences. The mixtape is a mixture of wonderful music and beautiful vocals. 

Wilsonn uses a What's so Not favorite 'Touched' and makes a song about artists all over. The song speaks about how artists are emotionally touched by the people around them, the viewers, the crowds, the love, the world. Artists can touch people's hearts but this speaks to the artists and reminds them of the love they deserve. This is something that isnt talked about too much, and something that interests artists. A song about artists, made by artists, and for artists. The fourth and final song to the mixtape, Idiocentric, is out now. A gorgeous theme to go along with a gorgeous song. 

You can listen to 'Touched' and the full mixtape 'Idiocentric' on soundcloud here