Earlier this year, our very own Wilson was asked by the renown NYLON MAGAZINE to give a review on the latest music video by Cold Play - Hymn For The Weekend Feat: Beyonce. 

"The video for “Hymn For The Weekend” is an appropriate celebration of Mumbai, India at large, and the vibrant culture it birthed, or whether it’s an inappropriate example of cultural colonialism" - Nylon Magazine

That said, NYLON wanted perspectives on what has become a controversial bit of pop-culture ephemera. Here is what our boy Wilson had to say on the topic:  

“I actually love the video, it embraces the culture and I don’t see it as offensive in my eyes. The attention to detail in the way it’s shot is beautiful; the beginning and the end scenes are captured perfectly. Also the song in terms of lyrics go well with the video. Scenes like little Krishna hanging out on the steps and the Holi festival all have been captured very well without any offense.
“Compared to the Iggy Azalea “Bounce” video where the lyrics had nothing to do with any part of Indian culture and was just used and exploited without a purpose, every scene in this video had a purpose and message behind it. Beyoncé’s role in the video is a little over the top in true Beyoncé style and I feel that she wasn’t portraying the true essence of Indian women. Basically she could have simplified her costume instead of making her out to be in the form of an Indian bride/Goddess.
Sonam Kapoor’s role and outfit was much more appropriate in the way they capture the true essence of Indian women. Chris Martin and the rest of the Coldplay members blended in with the video and story whereas I feel Beyoncé didn’t unless that’s what the director was trying to go for. Overall it’s a seriously stunning video with amazing cinematography shot to perfection!”

You can read the article in full here and see what other artists thought of the music video. 

And because you are going to Youtube the vid anyway, we posted it below. Let us know your thoughts. 


Huge S/O to NYLON MAGAZINE for the write up.