It's a rarity to find an EP where every song makes me feel so uncontrollably awesome. Every now and then I find one, and Mikey HUNJ's new ep 'Aurora Gang' really hit my sweet spots. We've already heard two singles (Belly Up, We Never Let Go) from it previously on Spotify and have been impressed. So the bar was set high on this guy and he reached above and beyond.

Each song in this five song EP is something to show your friends when you want to impress them with your epic music. These future bass songs use a mixture of the sexy beats, hip samples, and features gorgeous vocals by STEENA. 

Mikey HUNJ has really been blowing up the future bass and hip hop scene lately. It's good to hear some fresh beats like his. An absolutely unique sound. It's definitely worth keeping your eyes on this guy for his future stuff!

You can listen to Mikey HUNJ's new EP here on spotify: