What an end to a rather successful tour from our boys Letters to Lions... 

Their latest show at Miranda Hotel was absolutely packed to the brim. Over 350+ tickets sold, people crowd surfing and security trying trying to keep a lid on it all. Alongside the cream of the crop line up of The Moving Stills, Top Lip and Chasing Giants..the show was an absolte riot. 

The boys have no plans on slowing down. Taking another two playlists in the past two weeks on Spotify featuring 'Weekend Buzz' and 'The Needle - Emerging'. Followers are growing, plays are rolling in and the fans are losing their shit. The tour might be over...but the boys are just getting started. 

Catch the lads in Bathurst next week:

Thursday the 11th August at the DK Poolclub

Then catch them in Sydney as they play alongside the Middle Kids at Splendour in the Cross

14th August | World Bar, Kings Cross