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have combined forces to bring you four completely intense shows across NSW.


Whats the occasion? Letters to Lions are releasing a new EP and before we release these tracks into the wild, we want YOU the fans to hear it first. Loud and live. 

First and foremost we couldn't run these shows alone, so we set out to find the best of the best across the Sydney indie scene to find the A-team of line ups. 

Introducing the A-team of the Sydney indie music scene: 

The Moving Stills

Grab some Sticky Fingers, Jungle Giants and throw in some Hockey Dad and you get The Moving Stills. 

Moving up and down the East Coast of Australia, the boys have played shows with bands including The Griswolds, The Delta Riggs and played Mountain Sounds Festival 2015 featuring artists like The Jungle Giants, Deep Sea Arcade and DZ Deathrays.

The dudes have released their first official single, 'Honey' through Triple J unearthed which got a spot on Surfing Life’s Clip ‘No Signal’ and received plays on both Triple j and Triple j Unearthed radio. 

Top Lip

We spent hours going through artists till we found these boys. Gracefully making their way up the Triple J Unearthed Charts, Top Lip is the new kid on the block and their dreamy, psychedelic and alt-rock style is making quite a statement. We tracked down the boys and found out they had actually been quite busy concocting a fresh array of sounds, earning air time on the ever-popular Triple J radio station and playing a number of gigs around Sydney.  The trio even supported Moses Gunn Collective for their “Tour Sydney Show” in February, 2016 and since then have been playing a fair shows around the place. Needless to say, we had to add these guys to the line up. 

Chasing Giants

These boys first popped up on our radar when we heard their latest collaboration with Amastro - a huge middle finger to the lockout laws with a 60's rock, reggae vibe - SHUT DOWN. Listen to it HERE for an exclusive download before this song goes live. From there we went further, checking out their music, stalking them on Facebook and in no time at all, we had the boys on the phone confirming dates for the tour. 

So there you have it. As of today tickets have gone on sale - purchase them here at or jump on the boys Facebook Page...or alternatively like legit scroll down a few millimeters..