"I'm down till I'm belly up".


This new single by epic artist, Mikey HUNJ, has us belly up. Literally, I heard the song and fell down cause I was so entranced by the mixture of bad-ass and upbeat sounds that gave off a new kind of vibe, and we at Upside Music love it. Unique, impressive, and captivating.


'Belly up' features the beautiful voice of STEENA. From the moment the song starts it hooks you into a whirlwind of not only awesome beats but emotions too. Steena's voice really forces you to feel like you're in the main character's shoes. The few lyrics in the song are striking enough that there doesn't need to be anymore. Which makes this song absolutely thrilling to listen to.


Mikey HUNJ has been touring as the official DJ for the well known Australian rapper, Allday. Every time Mikey releases a new single his fame grows and grows because every single he releases gets more and more awesome.  you can hear the hard work and devotion into every song.


You can listen to the new single here on Spotify.