I feel like I've been taken back to a prom night in the 80's.

FROYO has been creating a storm in the synth pop world with their 2016 single 'Pride' and they just created a hurricane with their latest single 'Darling'. A fun song that makes me want to slow dance with the girl I've been crushing on for the past year. The retro style song is on the same lines of Passion Pit and M83. If you're on your way back home after an amazing night out, this is the song to put on. 

FROYO is a four piece band that accumulated in late 2013 after meeting at uni. Since that moment they have achieved a lot including being named in the top 5 finalists of Triple J’s Play School Remix competition, a Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist, and opening the main stage for Triple J Unearthed at The Plot Festival in November. And now FROYO's latest single 'Darling' has reached #1 on Triple J Unearthed's Dance charts! 'Darling' has also acquired some impressive review by the people at Triple J Unearthed including KLP, Nat Tencic, and Bridget Hustwaite

Let’s blow off prom and drive up to make-out point in your Cadillac. It’s my first kiss and our small town looks so pretty from up here, and this is on the radio and the moment couldn’t be more cinematic.
— Nat Tencic

You can dance to the beautiful new single 'Darling' on spotify here