Did somebody say stop motion? Pizza? 80's sci-fi? Good music?

This week on earth, This Week in the Universe releases their new music video 'Contest'. This video is a work of amazing creativity shot and directed by Beau Golden, Casey Golden and Adam Barnard.

Every once in a while a low budget music video is released that completely impresses me more than anything, 'Contest' is one of those. A take on low budget 80's sci-fi, this stop motion takes us into the setting of a space ship controlled by a cool little robot guy that just wants his pizza. Sometimes while I watch music videos I have to think 'Where in the world did these people come up with this idea? It's brilliant!'. It helps that the song playing is also upbeat and catchy. As I watched this short music video I couldn't help but sit in my chair giggling like a silly goose. I don't know where it came from but I got a sense of nostalgia as I watched it as well. Clever, cute, fun, and enticingly pretty for a stop motion, these guys nail their first music spot on. 

This Week in the Universe released their self titled album just the other week and many are very impressed by the cool sounds they make from their collection of keyboards and synths. Give this music video a watch or two and have fun!

You can watch the music video here


And listen to This Week in the Universe here