Introducing... PERISCOPE

- Track No. 1 from the Idiocentric Mixtape by Wilsonn. 

We are really just scraping the surface when it comes to what is to expect in this latest project known as 'Idiocentric'. There is too much in the pipeline to list in this one post, however, we can give you a rough explanation about Idiocentric and what this project is - the rest you will have to wait and see.....

Continually searching for new ways to introduce the world to their music, the role of any artist is to articulate their world to the audience. Inviting those into a troubled yet creative mind, to see their thoughts, emotions, struggles, and desires. Idiocentric is just that. An array of melodies and lyrics chosen to take you into the mind of an artist and their journey to rediscovering themselves - Wilsonn Press Release. 

Fresh from his latest work with Mau5Trap protégé Attlas and co-writing his worldwide hits 'Kayla' and ‘Batch’ - Wilsonn has began to create a mixtape consisting of melodies that have added vocals to bring new meanings to original songs. The whole premise of this concept is similar to how a producer will create remixes, however this particular project is focused on adding vocals to instrumental tracks giving them new life and meaning...which is pretty dope. 

As an introduction to the Idiocentric project, the first track has taken on Periscope - a work by Denver artist Ste'Louse. You can stream it below. 


Full mixtape will be released here -