March 16th was when "Idiocentric" mixtape artist Wilsonn released his debut single "Even If I Know". Since it's birth, it has already gone onto getting reviewed by some of the sought-after tastemakers at the Triple J studio like Dave Ruby Howe, Tommy Faith, and Declan Byrne to name a few! 

On top of that, it went onto hitting no#1 on the triple J unearthed Electronic charts and no#4 on the national main unearthed charts! All happening within the first 2 weeks of release, and just when you thought that was all, it got added to rotation for the next month on unearthed radio!

So the timing couldn't be more impeccable than right now to drop the long-awaited debut video for the single. This is was filmed at one of the fastest growing rural festivals in the country called "Vanfest"! The video staying somewhat true to what the song is about explores the highs and lows of touring and sometimes the unfortunate things that can happen during festival time. Now the track goes further in depth into some personal accounts of Wilsonn but this video portrays some glimpses of that.. 

“It can be quite easy to write music with up beat synths about how good life is, however it’s when it all comes crushing down when you really start to write the music that got you into this in the first place”

What are we talking about you ask? Well, why don't you click play and find out! 

ps. That guy in the start of the video is Wilsonn's tour manager that day in case you are wondering who this random is... :)