Oh boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Here's a new song to put in my Dance Playlist. INTERGALACTIX created a new single with VERDINE WHITE called 'Golden'. This song is sure to make you get up and groove. Filled with all the funk you remember from 70's hits plus a hint of modern synths and bass, 'Golden' creates something, well, golden! 

The Sydney/LA duo has been killing it with the release of 'The Now' and are impressing and even inspiring with their new single 'Golden'. This is the kinda song you would put in a playlist mixed with Miami Horror, Bruno Mars, Empire Of the Sun, and more of the like. 

Intergalactix have been almost everywhere and back working with talented artists like Jimmy Barnes, Ariana Grande, The Fugees, and even supporting ZEDD on his Jimmy Kimmel Live set. Keep a lookout for more from these two guys because they aren't showing signs of stopping!

You can listen to 'Golden' (feat. Verdine White) on Spotify here