Sexy electronic soul. Pretty lights. Clever use of symmetry. 

Check it out! Upcoming artists, The Goods, are hitting the electronic soul scene with a bang with their new single 'Make Your Move'. A super catchy song with amazing use of synths and beats reminiscing the good times had with Gorillaz and Outcast. The single has the talents of Bangaltar, D'Awesome, and Black Tree on vocals. 'Make Your Move' was premiered on Triple J's Goodnights with Linda Marigliano and also Home & Hosed with Dom Alessio. This amazing song has also been played on 2017 by Richard Kingsmill which is a big achievement! 

The music video for 'Make Your Move' is stunning. It shows the three members out on the town of Sydney's night life. While there is no night clubs in the video (which is a very nice change seeing how most music videos have night club scenes in them), there is amazing shots of them at the local arcade playing laser tag and riding dodgem cars. The whole Idea is a lot of fun and the music to go along with it makes it feel like a memorable night adventure. The film was directed and edited by Gabe Gasparinatos. It also has a very clever use of still shots taken by Doron Losky & Sebastian Robert. One thing I was very fond of about the music video was the fact the director payed a fair bit of attention to keeping things somewhat symmetrical and used lighting in a way most people wish they could. 

You can listen/buy the single here:

and watch the Music video here: