Looks like soul music is back in trend and there is no better way to start it with the amazing artist Wilsonn releasing his newest single 'Thankful'. 'Thankful' is un-official mixtape derived from the work of Australian Producer Feki with lyrics and melody by Attlas Co-writer Wilsonn. The track comes as part of the anticipated 'Idiocentric Mixtape' Series which is a project developed in order to remix popular instrumentals by artists such as Taku, Feki, Ste Louse and more – adding new melodies and dynamic into music that already exists.

'Thankful' has the soothing sounds and gorgeous vocals to make anyone thankful to be alive in this time that Wilsonn is. Even though Wilsonn is singing about a lovely lady, it makes me thankful for everyone in my life. The inspiring upbeat synths make me smile so much. I had the worst day today and the moment this song was shown to me, I forgot about anything bad that happened and a smile appeared on my face. Everything about this song is impressive, from the well timed breaks to the powerful lyrics to the handsome vocals to the cute little laugh hidden in the middle. 

You can listen to 'Thankful' on Soundcloud here