Feminism in a gorgeous form. 

ALPHAMAMA has been releasing some epic singles lately including 'Ass In The Front' and her latest single 'Stranger In Asia'. Just the other day she pulled out an amazing music video for 'Stranger in Asia'. 

'Stranger In Asia' consists of a beautiful song, a vibrant music video, and a captivating story behind it all. 'Stranger In Asia' tells the story of a cosmic creatress traveling through Indonesia and realized we aren't all the people we think we are. In this context, it relates to a brutal truth about who we are in a religious world. The single was written while ALPHAMAMA was traveling her roots in Indonesia. She can tell the story better:

felt so connected to culture, people and the land. Yet while I was there I feared for my safety as a woman. With a high religious population, my bare skin felt like invitations to danger and I realised how far from our divine place in the cosmos we have fallen on Earth. For every woman to have to cover her body in order to feel safe or worthy of respect felt unnatural to me in that moment and against the natural laws of the universe.


The single was released at the right time alongside the International Women's March that happened near the start of the year. The music video is an emotional representation of the story that has been told. Beautiful editing by Virginie Laverdure and beautiful fashion by Missy Gilbert and Jeff McCann is what makes this music video a gorgeous experience to watch. Produced by QuinnZilla and using Jack Hibbert's impressive camera skills, this video is really special. 

You can watch the music video here: 


and listen to her on spotify here: