80's style electronic band, This Week in the Universe has been putting some amazing work into their newest music video for their song 'Contest'. The song is a work of art that really makes me feel like ive taken a portal into an 80's sci-fi thriller. 'Contest' is a single from their debut self titled album. Keyboards, synths, and well timed hits seem to be all this band needs to make a good song!

Their new music video 'Contest' looks astonishing. I said the song makes me 'feel' like I've taken a portal to an 80's sci-fi thriller, but the music video actually takes me through the portal. Due to release next Tuesday (March 28th), keep an eye out because you wont want to miss this funky time machine of a music video!

You can watch the making of here

And listen to the album 'This week in the Universe' on Spotify here