March 16th was when "Idiocentric" mixtape artist Wilsonn released his debut single "Even If I Know". Since it's birth, it has already gone onto getting reviewed by some of the sought-after tastemakers at the Triple J studio like Dave Ruby Howe, Tommy Faith, and Declan Byrne to name a few! 

On top of that, it went onto hitting no#1 on the triple J unearthed Electronic charts and no#4 on the national main unearthed charts! All happening within the first 2 weeks of release, and just when you thought that was all, it got added to rotation for the next month on unearthed radio!

So the timing couldn't be more impeccable than right now to drop the long-awaited debut video for the single. This is was filmed at one of the fastest growing rural festivals in the country called "Vanfest"! The video staying somewhat true to what the song is about explores the highs and lows of touring and sometimes the unfortunate things that can happen during festival time. Now the track goes further in depth into some personal accounts of Wilsonn but this video portrays some glimpses of that.. 

“It can be quite easy to write music with up beat synths about how good life is, however it’s when it all comes crushing down when you really start to write the music that got you into this in the first place”

What are we talking about you ask? Well, why don't you click play and find out! 

ps. That guy in the start of the video is Wilsonn's tour manager that day in case you are wondering who this random is... :)

Wilsonn releases his final single 'Touched' to go along with his long awaited mixtape 'Idiocentric'

Wilsonn releases his final single 'Touched' to go along with his long awaited mixtape 'Idiocentric'

Wilsonn has been locked away working on a mixtape called 'Idiocentric'. The mixtape is a long time coming and I am so glad to finally be able to hear it all! Wilsonn's last track to the mixtape 'Touched' has just been released to kick off Idiocentric. Wilsonn created this mixtape to express many things including the love of his life, being thankful, and many other things by adding his lyrics to works made by his favorite artists and influences. The mixtape is a mixture of wonderful music and beautiful vocals. 

Wilsonn uses a What's so Not favorite 'Touched' and makes a song about artists all over. The song speaks about how artists are emotionally touched by the people around them, the viewers, the crowds, the love, the world. Artists can touch people's hearts but this speaks to the artists and reminds them of the love they deserve. This is something that isnt talked about too much, and something that interests artists. A song about artists, made by artists, and for artists. The fourth and final song to the mixtape, Idiocentric, is out now. A gorgeous theme to go along with a gorgeous song. 

You can listen to 'Touched' and the full mixtape 'Idiocentric' on soundcloud here 

four years later and Touch Sensitive is still making us dance with new single 'Lay Down'

four years later and Touch Sensitive is still making us dance with new single 'Lay Down'

You would think someone would be a bit rusty after a four year break wouldnt you?

Well, that changes nothing for the fantastic artist, Touch Sensitive, with the well known single 'Pizza Guy' being the predecessor. 'Lay Down' is exactly what you would expect from Touch Sensitive. GROOVY, FUNKY, FRESH, AND HOT. 

Touch Sensitive will be doing a single tour in the US supporting Flume and Flight facilities this year (https://www.facebook.com/events/649878431884054/) and will also be in Australia playing with his first live band at Listen Out. so keep an eye out for this moustached man! 

you can listen to Lay Down on spotify here:

INTERGALACTIX releases hip song Golden (feat. Verdine White)

INTERGALACTIX releases hip song Golden (feat. Verdine White)

Oh boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Here's a new song to put in my Dance Playlist. INTERGALACTIX created a new single with VERDINE WHITE called 'Golden'. This song is sure to make you get up and groove. Filled with all the funk you remember from 70's hits plus a hint of modern synths and bass, 'Golden' creates something, well, golden! 

The Sydney/LA duo has been killing it with the release of 'The Now' and are impressing and even inspiring with their new single 'Golden'. This is the kinda song you would put in a playlist mixed with Miami Horror, Bruno Mars, Empire Of the Sun, and more of the like. 

Intergalactix have been almost everywhere and back working with talented artists like Jimmy Barnes, Ariana Grande, The Fugees, and even supporting ZEDD on his Jimmy Kimmel Live set. Keep a lookout for more from these two guys because they aren't showing signs of stopping!

You can listen to 'Golden' (feat. Verdine White) on Spotify here

Wilsonn adds a music video to his fantastic mixtape 'Thankful'

Wilsonn adds a music video to his fantastic mixtape 'Thankful'

Wilsonn has been impressing us all with his Neo-soul music, specifically his most recent mixtape 'Thankful'. A sweet un-official mixtape derived from the work of Australian Producer Feki with lyrics and melody by Attlas Co-writer Wilsonn. 

Now, Wilsonn makes us feel thankful for not only good music but beautiful artwork with the music video he released to go along with the mixtape. A simple time lapse of artist, Nathan Tambiah, drawing the cover art for 'Thankful'. The cover art it's self is a beautiful artwork, but watching it being made with the wonderful song really gives the artwork a deeper meaning. 

You can watch the music video for 'Thankful' here:

Music video released for Ric Rufio's single 'So Wonderful'

Music video released for Ric Rufio's single 'So Wonderful'

Remember that time in the 90's and early 2000's where CGI music videos were the biggest thing? Like the music video for 'Blue Da Ba Dee'? Good times! Upcoming Artist Ric Rufio released his new single 'So Wonderful' and it sounds so funky. Just the other day a music video was released for it and it matches the funk so well.

The music video for 'So Wonderful' is a trippy black and white CGI experience just like this old 90's music videos. And I couldn't be any happier to have this genre of music video back. So many memories of jamming out to these music videos are coming back to me as I watch 'So Wonderful'. Triple J Unearthed seems to be loving Ric Rufio at the moment and so am I!

You can watch the music video for 'So Wonderful' here:

and listen on Spotify here:

Kayex's hit single 'My Friends' gets a friendly music video

Kayex's hit single 'My Friends' gets a friendly music video

If you haven't heard of them yet, Kayex has been blowing up the music scene lately with their single 'My Friends'. The single was released a few weeks ago and has already collected achievements most artists can only dream about including being shazamed 600+ times in less than 24 hours, reaching #2 on Triple J Unearthed overall charts and being premiered by Gemma Pike the day after being uploaded. 

Now the Sydney based duo strikes again with this awesome music video for 'My Friends'. Starting off with a guy (Jakov Radas) looking out into the horizon with an amazing drone shot, this music video takes us through a day in the life of a group of friends. Director, Onil Kotian, bring this group of friends to us at home with some wonderful tracking shots and fun times. Definitely worth the watch if you're feeling a bit lonely and in need of friends!

You can watch the music video for 'My Friends' here:

and you can listen to the single on Spotify here:

Mikey HUNJ drops smokin hot new EP 'Aurora Gang'

Mikey HUNJ drops smokin hot new EP 'Aurora Gang'

It's a rarity to find an EP where every song makes me feel so uncontrollably awesome. Every now and then I find one, and Mikey HUNJ's new ep 'Aurora Gang' really hit my sweet spots. We've already heard two singles (Belly Up, We Never Let Go) from it previously on Spotify and have been impressed. So the bar was set high on this guy and he reached above and beyond.

Each song in this five song EP is something to show your friends when you want to impress them with your epic music. These future bass songs use a mixture of the sexy beats, hip samples, and features gorgeous vocals by STEENA. 

Mikey HUNJ has really been blowing up the future bass and hip hop scene lately. It's good to hear some fresh beats like his. An absolutely unique sound. It's definitely worth keeping your eyes on this guy for his future stuff!

You can listen to Mikey HUNJ's new EP here on spotify:

Neosoul artist Wilsonn blows our mind's with new single 'Thankful'

Neosoul artist Wilsonn blows our mind's with new single 'Thankful'

Looks like soul music is back in trend and there is no better way to start it with the amazing artist Wilsonn releasing his newest single 'Thankful'. 'Thankful' is un-official mixtape derived from the work of Australian Producer Feki with lyrics and melody by Attlas Co-writer Wilsonn. The track comes as part of the anticipated 'Idiocentric Mixtape' Series which is a project developed in order to remix popular instrumentals by artists such as Taku, Feki, Ste Louse and more – adding new melodies and dynamic into music that already exists.

'Thankful' has the soothing sounds and gorgeous vocals to make anyone thankful to be alive in this time that Wilsonn is. Even though Wilsonn is singing about a lovely lady, it makes me thankful for everyone in my life. The inspiring upbeat synths make me smile so much. I had the worst day today and the moment this song was shown to me, I forgot about anything bad that happened and a smile appeared on my face. Everything about this song is impressive, from the well timed breaks to the powerful lyrics to the handsome vocals to the cute little laugh hidden in the middle. 

You can listen to 'Thankful' on Soundcloud here

ALPHAMAMA releases new music video for single 'Stranger In Asia"

ALPHAMAMA releases new music video for single 'Stranger In Asia"

Feminism in a gorgeous form. 

ALPHAMAMA has been releasing some epic singles lately including 'Ass In The Front' and her latest single 'Stranger In Asia'. Just the other day she pulled out an amazing music video for 'Stranger in Asia'. 

'Stranger In Asia' consists of a beautiful song, a vibrant music video, and a captivating story behind it all. 'Stranger In Asia' tells the story of a cosmic creatress traveling through Indonesia and realized we aren't all the people we think we are. In this context, it relates to a brutal truth about who we are in a religious world. The single was written while ALPHAMAMA was traveling her roots in Indonesia. She can tell the story better:

felt so connected to culture, people and the land. Yet while I was there I feared for my safety as a woman. With a high religious population, my bare skin felt like invitations to danger and I realised how far from our divine place in the cosmos we have fallen on Earth. For every woman to have to cover her body in order to feel safe or worthy of respect felt unnatural to me in that moment and against the natural laws of the universe.


The single was released at the right time alongside the International Women's March that happened near the start of the year. The music video is an emotional representation of the story that has been told. Beautiful editing by Virginie Laverdure and beautiful fashion by Missy Gilbert and Jeff McCann is what makes this music video a gorgeous experience to watch. Produced by QuinnZilla and using Jack Hibbert's impressive camera skills, this video is really special. 

You can watch the music video here: 


and listen to her on spotify here:

Froyo releases fun synth pop single 'Darling'

Froyo releases fun synth pop single 'Darling'

I feel like I've been taken back to a prom night in the 80's.

FROYO has been creating a storm in the synth pop world with their 2016 single 'Pride' and they just created a hurricane with their latest single 'Darling'. A fun song that makes me want to slow dance with the girl I've been crushing on for the past year. The retro style song is on the same lines of Passion Pit and M83. If you're on your way back home after an amazing night out, this is the song to put on. 

FROYO is a four piece band that accumulated in late 2013 after meeting at uni. Since that moment they have achieved a lot including being named in the top 5 finalists of Triple J’s Play School Remix competition, a Triple J Unearthed Feature Artist, and opening the main stage for Triple J Unearthed at The Plot Festival in November. And now FROYO's latest single 'Darling' has reached #1 on Triple J Unearthed's Dance charts! 'Darling' has also acquired some impressive review by the people at Triple J Unearthed including KLP, Nat Tencic, and Bridget Hustwaite

Let’s blow off prom and drive up to make-out point in your Cadillac. It’s my first kiss and our small town looks so pretty from up here, and this is on the radio and the moment couldn’t be more cinematic.
— Nat Tencic

You can dance to the beautiful new single 'Darling' on spotify here

'The Goods' releases new single 'Make Your Move' with an eye catching music video

'The Goods' releases new single 'Make Your Move' with an eye catching music video

Sexy electronic soul. Pretty lights. Clever use of symmetry. 

Check it out! Upcoming artists, The Goods, are hitting the electronic soul scene with a bang with their new single 'Make Your Move'. A super catchy song with amazing use of synths and beats reminiscing the good times had with Gorillaz and Outcast. The single has the talents of Bangaltar, D'Awesome, and Black Tree on vocals. 'Make Your Move' was premiered on Triple J's Goodnights with Linda Marigliano and also Home & Hosed with Dom Alessio. This amazing song has also been played on 2017 by Richard Kingsmill which is a big achievement! 

The music video for 'Make Your Move' is stunning. It shows the three members out on the town of Sydney's night life. While there is no night clubs in the video (which is a very nice change seeing how most music videos have night club scenes in them), there is amazing shots of them at the local arcade playing laser tag and riding dodgem cars. The whole Idea is a lot of fun and the music to go along with it makes it feel like a memorable night adventure. The film was directed and edited by Gabe Gasparinatos. It also has a very clever use of still shots taken by Doron Losky & Sebastian Robert. One thing I was very fond of about the music video was the fact the director payed a fair bit of attention to keeping things somewhat symmetrical and used lighting in a way most people wish they could. 

You can listen/buy the single here: https://thegoods.lnk.to/MYM

and watch the Music video here: 

One of a kind music video 'Contest' released by This Week in the Universe

One of a kind music video 'Contest' released by This Week in the Universe

Did somebody say stop motion? Pizza? 80's sci-fi? Good music?

This week on earth, This Week in the Universe releases their new music video 'Contest'. This video is a work of amazing creativity shot and directed by Beau Golden, Casey Golden and Adam Barnard.

Every once in a while a low budget music video is released that completely impresses me more than anything, 'Contest' is one of those. A take on low budget 80's sci-fi, this stop motion takes us into the setting of a space ship controlled by a cool little robot guy that just wants his pizza. Sometimes while I watch music videos I have to think 'Where in the world did these people come up with this idea? It's brilliant!'. It helps that the song playing is also upbeat and catchy. As I watched this short music video I couldn't help but sit in my chair giggling like a silly goose. I don't know where it came from but I got a sense of nostalgia as I watched it as well. Clever, cute, fun, and enticingly pretty for a stop motion, these guys nail their first music spot on. 

This Week in the Universe released their self titled album just the other week and many are very impressed by the cool sounds they make from their collection of keyboards and synths. Give this music video a watch or two and have fun!

You can watch the music video here


And listen to This Week in the Universe here




Released only Friday, 'My Friends' has already been shazamed 600+ times in less than 24 hours, reached #2 on Triple J Unearthed overall charts and was premiered by Gemma Pike the day after being uploaded. If that isn't impressive then I don't know what is. Sydney based duo, Kayex, has come out of nowhere with this single and has basically shocked Australia. 

The song starts out with soothing vocals by one half of the duo, Tom Derickxon, but the other half of the duo, Palassi Kailis, quickly turns the song into an epic banger using only one words said by Tom Derickxon, 'Yo'. This is a song I would listen to when I get that random urge to up and leave the city to go to the coast for the weekend with my friends (pun intended). Safe to say, we're all looking forward to hearing some new songs by the up and coming artist, Kayex. 

Word on the street is that they are working with multi-instrumentalist & song writer/producer Deutsch Duke who has worked with the likes of  flight facilities, owl eyes, and many more to count.

You can listen to 'My Friends' here on Spotify



This Week in the Universe - new single 'contest' takes us into an 80's portal

This Week in the Universe - new single 'contest' takes us into an 80's portal

80's style electronic band, This Week in the Universe has been putting some amazing work into their newest music video for their song 'Contest'. The song is a work of art that really makes me feel like ive taken a portal into an 80's sci-fi thriller. 'Contest' is a single from their debut self titled album. Keyboards, synths, and well timed hits seem to be all this band needs to make a good song!

Their new music video 'Contest' looks astonishing. I said the song makes me 'feel' like I've taken a portal to an 80's sci-fi thriller, but the music video actually takes me through the portal. Due to release next Tuesday (March 28th), keep an eye out because you wont want to miss this funky time machine of a music video!

You can watch the making of here

And listen to the album 'This week in the Universe' on Spotify here




 "I'm down till I'm belly up".


This new single by epic artist, Mikey HUNJ, has us belly up. Literally, I heard the song and fell down cause I was so entranced by the mixture of bad-ass and upbeat sounds that gave off a new kind of vibe, and we at Upside Music love it. Unique, impressive, and captivating.


'Belly up' features the beautiful voice of STEENA. From the moment the song starts it hooks you into a whirlwind of not only awesome beats but emotions too. Steena's voice really forces you to feel like you're in the main character's shoes. The few lyrics in the song are striking enough that there doesn't need to be anymore. Which makes this song absolutely thrilling to listen to.


Mikey HUNJ has been touring as the official DJ for the well known Australian rapper, Allday. Every time Mikey releases a new single his fame grows and grows because every single he releases gets more and more awesome.  you can hear the hard work and devotion into every song.


You can listen to the new single here on Spotify.

OK SURE releases super dark EP "ANAMNESIS"

OK SURE releases super dark EP "ANAMNESIS"

Honestly one of the darkest EPs I've heard in a long time. "Anamnesis" absolutely kills it. The Hermitude Remix Winner Ok Sure created this EP and put in a crazy amount of detail.

Ok Sure is known for her dark downbeat tempos and her new EP tops it. Previously known as Akaysha Davey, she gained her start in fame by winning the Pioneer Pro DJ Search in 2006 and since then has become known internationally for making some nerve racking beats. The hypnotic producer has shared stages with the likes of Crooked Colours, Habits, Paces, Kilter, Worlds End Press and Just a Gent while gaining support from fellow artists Yolanda Be Cool, The Aston Shuffle, Eric Volta and Hermitude.

Upside Music is proud to have this sick artist on board.

You can buy her EP HERE


Listen on Spotify below


KRONIC featured in Fast and Furious 8's Super Bowl trailer

KRONIC featured in Fast and Furious 8's Super Bowl trailer


The epic Kronic had his song 'Push feat. Far East Movement' featured in Fast and Furious 8's Super Bowl Trailer. Seen by millions around the world. This is an achievement most people dream about. 

Fast and Furious is a sick series (we all know that), but if you thought this one was just going to be an "okay" addition to the series, you thought wrong. The Trailer itself is already badass but what makes it truly badass is the sick track behind it. 

And definitely check out the song here: 'Push' feat Far East Movement - Kronic



PlayList Pump : THE Spotify pitching service

PlayList Pump : THE Spotify pitching service

Playlist Pump is the new exclusive SPOTIFY PITCHINg SERVICE

Upside Music has just launched Playlist Pump, a new initiative assisting the Indie Artist do what only major record labels were able to do in the past - offer massive exposure for artists through direct relationships with curators of many of the major playlists featured on Spotify. To find out more read the latest news by The Music Networks' PETER TUSKAN


This service is only offered by Upside Music and also now available to artists signed to affiliate label Band Express


ARIA TOP 20: Upside Music Teams Up With Razor Recordings on Yothu Yindi's 'Treaty' Remix Pack

ARIA TOP 20: Upside Music Teams Up With Razor Recordings on Yothu Yindi's 'Treaty' Remix Pack


Upside Music has teamed up with Australian independent label 'Razor Recordings' and Yothu Yindi to facilitate the release of 'Treaty' - 25th Anniversary Remixes.  

Currently sitting at number #19 on the Aria Club Chart, the remix pack celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the iconic, Filthy Lucre remix of Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’. The enduring Australian anthem was originally released in 1991 on Razor Recordings and was famously remixed by Melbourne production team Filthy Lucre (Razor’s owner DJ Gavin Campbell, DJ Paul Main and producer Robert Goodge). It spent 22 weeks in the Aria charts and also made an appearance on Billboards at No. 6, with Yothu Yindi lead singer 'Yunupingu' inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame.

Anyway, to celebrate this milestone for the classic Australian protest song, our friends at Razor have produced new remixes featuring the likes of Filthy Lucre remix which bloody dominated (seriously look it up). 

The project also features remixes from Jacob Malmo and Tom Evens (Jack Love), formally known as 'The Journey' who are currently smashing the Aria Club at the moment with their debut single 'Principum' (currently at #15). The boys are set to smash Australian festivals & clubs across summer, with their big techno remix of ‘Treaty’, a real bush doofer that will suit any party and the punters that come with it ;) 

British DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist (and long time Andrew Weatherall collaborator) Duncan Gray has also stepped, slowing the tempo to 115bpm and making it his own. 

The first set of remixes are moving their way up the charts, already in the top 20 Aria Club. Keep a look out for this campaign on your feed, shit's about to get so real. 

Cop remixes below: